The Anywhere Workout by FitForTwo

Last August when I attended BizConf down in Jacksonville, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow attendee Brock Picken. There are two things you need about Brock. First, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Second, he’s in phenomenal shape and knows a ton about fitness and nutrition. He even spent a few years doing competitive bodybuilding.

When I met Brock, he told me about a site that was in the works where he and his fiance would share health tips, both in blog and video form. Well just yesterday, Brock and Marta successfully launched their new site, FitForTwo.TV.  It is SO cool to see a creative concept blossom into the final product. It’s a GREAT site!

Last fall I had emailed Brock for some workout tips. What he sent me was so fitting for what I do: The Anywhere Workout. It involves no equipment and obviously you can do this workout anywhere. I really got a kick out of that and made the agreement with Brock that I’d wait to mention it on my site until his was live.

Here are the six pieces of the workout as mentioned by Brock and Marta on their site:

Remember this Acronym:

Some Lucky People Deserve Brock & Marta

Perform the following as a continuous circuit, repeating 3-4 times for a 30 minute intense workout. Do 1 minutefor each station, or to failure, whichever comes first. Try to rest very little between each exercise. The less you rest, the harder it is and the more calories you burn!

S – Squats

L – Lunges

P – Plank/Push-ups

D – Dips

B – Burpees

M – Move! – do anything you can to get your heart rate up! Skipping, running on the spot, jumping jacks, etc. are all good at jacking up your heart rate.

They also put together a video outlining this workout, so be sure to check that out as well.  I need to do this one more myself. Summer is coming, and I need to get in shape for some good canoeing!

Congrats, Brock and Marta, on the launch of the new site!

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  1. thejasonsadler

    Love Brock & Marta, great people and should be a great show to tune in to! Let's see those guns Dave…

  2. lol…guns…more like arrows: skinny, but fast and deadly. :)

  3. Very cool site with lots of great information. I really need to take heed and apply these exercise and diet recommendations to my life. Lord knows I need it! Thanks Dave for the post and Thanks Brock and Marta for the great information.

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