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Embracing the Seasons of Your Career

You career is going to have seasons of ups and downs, and the downs become much more enjoyable if we know that the ups are destined to return.

Back in the Bell canoe for 2010 summer paddling season!

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The Key to Networking: Be Useful

I attended some great sessions and met some wonderful folks at MinneBar 2010 this past weekend. Today I share a simple piece of advice about networking that I learned in one of the sessions.

Credit for this advice goes to @kevindonlin and @mnheadhunter, two very smart gentlemen.

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iPhone? Droid? Nope. Palm Pre Plus

If you’ve been following AnywhereMan, you know that I’ve debated this smartphone thing for quite some time. I’ve considered ditching trusty Verizon for AT&T and their lovely iPhone. When Verizon released their Android phones, I considered renewing my contract and going with one of those.

But each time I thought about making a change I just couldn’t justify why I would actually need the extra features that a smartphone offers. I also couldn’t justify the cost. I’m currently on an old Unicel plan that got grandfathered onto Verizon when Verizon purchased Unicel in our region. My wife and I spend a grand total of $60 for two lines, 600 nationwide minutes, unlimited incoming texts, and unlimited incoming calls. If you are familiar with Google Voice, you know that free incoming minutes means you can essentially have unlimited calling.

Well, in the past few weeks a few situations have come up that really helped me make my mind up to go with a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon (it helped that I was able to keep my current voice plan thanks to ordering the phone through Verizon’s website instead of in a store). I discuss the specific features I’ve been looking for in today’s video.

I still like the iPhone. I like the Verizon network but was a bit surprised by some of their misinformed salespeople and their general bias towards Android devices. I still like the Android platform in general. But at the end of the day the Pre Plus had the features, reliability, price, and ease of use that I needed.

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