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Where There Is Waiting, There Shall Be Wi-Fi

I’m sitting at the Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital day surgery center right now. Waiting waiting waiting. Don’t worry…we’re okay.

But as I’m sitting here, and though I have a mobile hotspot on my phone I could use, I find myself thankful for a very strong, very fast, very free wi-fi connection. And it makes sense here because people are constantly in a “state of wait” when they visit the doctor. Giving them some complimentary wi-fi to catch up on business, news, email, etc. is the least you can do. Waiting often equals crabbiness, and making the wait more pleasant is only going to ease people’s attitudes.

So attention businesses that have a “wait-time” aspect: give your visitors some free wi-fi love. This includes places like hair salons, automotive shops (the shop I use does – so awesome!), medical centers, AIRPORTS (seriously – make it free), the dentist, etc.

I know, it seems like a no-brainer, but we’ll thank you for it.

And we’re starting to expect it.

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My Initial Response to Coworking Vs. Working From Home

If you’ve been following AnywhereMan over the past few months, you know that I’ve been working with the local Chamber of Commerce to create a coworking space in our town. We’re now up and running and I’ve spent the past few weeks calling CommonSpace home…or home office…or whatever.

My initial response: It’s awesome.

I still technically have an office at home but honestly haven’t even used it since I’ve had the key to CommonSpace. There are a few trends I’ve noticed since I’ve been doing the coworking thing:

  • I get up earlier in the morning and get ready right away…no PJ-wearing until noon.
  • When I go home for lunch each day, I actually relax. I don’t rush to get back to work, and I don’t have work on my mind the whole time.
  • I feel a lot more socially connected and I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of new folks.
  • My kids notice when I leave and when I get home, and they’re a lot more excited to be with me at the end of the day.
  • I’ve been more productive.

Now, I did spend a few days working from home last week as my family was out of town. I still did not use my actual office and instead set up shop in our living room. Right away I reverted back to sleeping in a bit later, waiting until late morning to get ready for the day, etc.

I’m not saying that coworking is absolutely better than working from home, but so far it’s definitely been a positive experience. One of the only negatives is that I’ve blogged less and done fewer of my videos. I would like to find a way to work video blogging on a regular basis back into the equation and I think I’ve got a few ideas.

I encourage you to look into coworking as an option if you need to give your daily routine a bit of a jump-start. At CommonSpace, we’ve got a membership level that allows you to come in two days per week for $75/month. ¬†Adding some office-time to your schedule might be enough of a change-up to improve the time you spend working from home.

As for that home office? It may be converted to a bedroom soon so my girls can each have their own room. I will still want a quiet place to get work done at home so you may be seeing the birth of the cloffice (closet + office). Stay tuned.

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