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The New LogMeIn Commercial

Brilliant Leadership Stuff from Seth Godin

Seth Godin with some good inspiring words, as usual. Everything that this guy says relates back to the initial Purple Cow idea of “being remarkable.”

Thanks to @davepeckens for the find.

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The Work You Do Sets Expectations

As a freelancer, the work you do and the projects you take on set expectations for future work. If you have a defined “ideal project” profile, try to stick to it as much as you can. If there’s a direction you’d like to go with your career, take on projects that push you in that specific direction.

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The Journey to Coworking Part Three

We’ve got the new coworking space set up, online, furnished, and just about ready for members. Here is a quick tour of the actual space. It’s about the size of a modest coffee shop, and it has capacity for about 12-14 members at any given time. We’ve even got the name and branding just about ready to go: CommonSpace.

I’m very excited to see coworking in Grand Rapids, MN becoming a reality. I haven’t used my home office in over a week and I honestly haven’t missed it. I’ve still got most of the flexibility I have when working from home (other than working in my PJs), but I’m in an environment that is a bit more social. Right now just two of us are using it as things get rolling, so the social aspect should only get better.

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Create Online Project Proposals In WordPress Using WPBids

A few weeks back I had fellow web developer Brian Casel on to talk about what he does. One of his projects is a premium WordPress theme called WPBids. In today’s video, I do a walk-through of the WPBids theme which allows users to create online project proposals. It’s pretty slick! Visit for more information.

Disclosure: Brian provided a free copy of WPBids for me to try out and customize. And I’m glad he did that because I’m actually going to use this! I’m working on a proposal for a client with it right now actually.

But the savings don’t end there: For the next two weeks you can use the code “ANYWHERE20″ to get 20% off the purchase of WPBids or any of Brian’s other premium themes at ThemeJam.

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Interview: Brian Casel From CasJam Media

One of the best parts of spending so much time on the web is meeting people through a casual tweet or blog comment, then later exploring more about who they are and finding out you’ve got a lot in common.

I think I first met Brian Casel because he left a comment here on AnywhereMan. It turns out Brian is a lot like me. We both do web design/development, are both heavily into WordPress, we both play guitar, and we both run our businesses from home. We’ve since interacted quite a bit, and I’ve even used one of his WordPress themes in a client project. He builds AWESOME themes by the way.

Find out more about Brian and his business-from-home life in today’s interview. He discusses his company, CasJam, his premium WordPress theme site, ThemeJam, and his brand-spankin’ new WordPress theme for building proposals that is especially useful to freelancers and small business owners, WPBids. Look for a full AnywhereMan review of WPBids in the near future.

I appreciate Brian taking the time to chat with me today and wish him continued success in all of his ventures!

PS – Brian also occasionally blogs on sites like Freelance Switch and Mashable. Nice!

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What Are You So Afraid Of?

I’ve been reading Seth Godin‘s “Linchpin” at a surprisingly slow pace. It’s not because it’s a bad book, it’s just because each little section in it is just so good and I’d be missing out on so much by reading it too quickly. I’ve got this book earmarked all over the place!

In the book, Godin discusses the idea of the resistance. This includes habits, emotions, and other barriers that keep us from truly becoming more than just a cog in the corporate machine. Today I talk about one of those barriers: fear.

So, what are you afraid of?

A big thank-you to @MichaelHyatt for the book!

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The Stay-At-Home Dad Workout

I find that this is incredibly relevant to me as I have actually done some of these exercises. Hilarious! I’ve seen a bunch of Gavin’s videos (the “How to Defend Against Someone Attacking You” is incredible), but this is a top sketch for sure.

Kudos to Jake Olson for sharing this one.

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The Key to Networking: Be Useful

I attended some great sessions and met some wonderful folks at MinneBar 2010 this past weekend. Today I share a simple piece of advice about networking that I learned in one of the sessions.

Credit for this advice goes to @kevindonlin and @mnheadhunter, two very smart gentlemen.

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The Imbalanced Ups and Downs of Freelancing

As a freelancer, you are the boss, laborer, marketing department, bill collector, bill payer, and more. When things are slow, you go into marketing mode. When things are busy, you’re often dealing with double the prospects while juggling double the workload. It can be tricky to get things into that perfect “pocket” of a balanced workload.

For me, the more leads I get on new business, the more time I’m spending on estimates and business requirements. As a result of that, the less time I have available for the projects in-process. Is it smarter to keep the prospects waiting, the existing clients waiting, or the wife and kids waiting?

I want to know what you do to balance your time between new projects and projects in the queue when things are insanely busy, and I want to know how you spend your time when things are slow.

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